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Tuition & Financial Aid

9 out of 10 Florida Tech Students Who Apply for Aid Qualify

Did You Know?

  1. You could qualify for up to $20,500 a year toward your graduate degree, according to information accessed from the U.S. Department of Education in March 2012.
  2. Most financial aid applicants qualify for the graduate student loans they request.
  3. Graduate student financial aid can cover all of your academic expenses.

Florida Tech University Online believes there should be no obstacles to your success, so don't let finances stop you from achieving your goal. Florida Tech University Online is committed to helping students from all financial backgrounds meet their educational objectives.

Take advantage of this opportunity to earn a degree — and qualify for financial aid for graduate school. Florida Tech University Online's enrollment adviser will help you select the finance option that best suits your needs and will assist you in enrolling.

Contact an enrollment adviser today, toll free at 855-300-1469 to learn more about financial aid for graduate students.

Tuition and Fees

Whether you want to finish a graduate degree or you’re ready to start earning an advanced degree, we’ve taken the hassle out of financing. Take this opportunity to receive the education that will give you the best chance to succeed in today's competitive job market – without interrupting your work or family responsibilities.

Master’s of Science tuition is $777 per credit hour. MBA tuition is $896 per credit hour. Your tuition cost may be tax deductible; contact your tax adviser for more information. There is no application fee for these programs. Books and materials are additional.

Financial Aid Statement: Based on a Florida Tech Office of Enrollment Management review of all financial aid applications, August 2010.