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Undergraduate Degree Online Programs

The decision to pursue your degree from regionally accredited Florida Tech may do more than just open up your career possibilities and increase your earning potential. It will open doors to exciting new opportunities, enhance your knowledge of the world around you and bring a genuine sense of accomplishment. Working with the best and brightest minds in the country, you’ll experience the kind of education that can truly transform your life. And thanks to various financial aid options for our undergraduate degrees, money doesn’t have to be an obstacle to furthering your education. You can earn your associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree from a traditional university U.S. News & World Report ranks as one of the nation’s best, 100% online, without disrupting family and work obligations.

Choose the online degree that best suits your unique talents and interests – and chart a new course for a brighter future today!

Financial Aid Is Available for Those Who Qualify

Florida Tech University Online believes there should be no obstacles to your success, so don't let finances stop you from achieving your goal. Florida Tech University Online is committed to helping students from all financial backgrounds meet their educational objectives.

Free Financial Aid Guide!

Learn how to apply for federal grants and loans to help pay for your education.
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Attend a World-Class University Online

Through an industry-leading online learning system, you can earn an undergraduate degree from Florida Tech 100% online — distinguishing yourself with the same unrivaled education enjoyed by students on campus. With our streaming video lectures, online chat rooms and downloadable MP3 and MP4 lectures, you’ll get the internationally renowned Florida Tech education with 24/7 flexibility. And you won’t be alone. From your initial online degree inquiry to your graduation day, you’ll find the support you need to ultimately reach your goal.