What Can I Do With an MBA in Cybersecurity?

With a growing number of high-profile cybersecurity breaches in the past several years, organizations are quickly realizing this exploding field not only needs individual contributors adept with the technology, but also demands leaders and decision-makers with cybersecurity expertise to lead. According to Tad Oelstrom, a cybersecurity expert at Harvard University, this expertise is severely lacking. This talent shortage boosts the value earning an MBA in cybersecurity offers, as the need for leadership-level expertise skyrockets.

Cybersecurity experts at the managerial and executive levels are critical because decision-makers must understand how to manage cybersecurity risks from a scale, character and evolution perspective. For example, a credit card breach does more than simply expose customers to identify theft – it can also damage a brand and its customer relationships, which can extract high costs on the business that was breached. In other cases, like national security, the stakes can be higher: human life. Other impact leaders must consider how to contain the breach, communicate it and manage class-action lawsuits and settlements.

Professionals may boost their career opportunities and ability to take on larger leadership roles through an MBA in cybersecurity.

MBA Cybersecurity – What You Will Learn

In an MBA with a Specialization in Cybersecurity, you’ll examine the relationship between security solutions and an organization, developing specialized knowledge in host-based computer security, secure networks, and secure communications.

In addition to studying core business principles through a leadership lens, you’ll examine cybersecurity practices in detail, understanding trends, risk assessment, security frameworks and computer security that will equip you to analyze policies, trends or information to isolate cyber threats and prevent or reduce attacks.

What Can You Do With an MBA in Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity expertise isn’t relegated only to technology companies. In fact, large companies that handle data, including behemoths like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Facebook, financial institutions and universities all need cybersecurity experts to help protect both private data and user data.

The roles can be equally diverse for professionals with an MBA in Cybersecurity, including:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or Chief Security Officer (CSO): Develops, implements, and maintains security processes. This strategic role can be fluid, evolving with the needs of the organization as it adapts to new technology (for example, increased cloud computing).
  • Chief Privacy Officer (CPO): Oversees risks, data protection and privacy issues though company policy and procedure. Often, this includes an understanding of compliance with legal regulations, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Chief Risk Officer (CRO): Ensures organizational strategy aligns with company risk management practices and policies, fosters a risk-savvy company culture, reduces risks within the operations of the organization and partners with other C-level officers in developing strategy and policy in addition to supporting compliance. 
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO): Establishes the organization’s technology strategy by overseeing the IT department and planning for technology requirements. Manages IT development and implementation across multiple areas, including communications, administrative systems, training and IT security.
  • Forensics Expert or Information Security Crime Investigator: Investigates cyberattacks for weaknesses in the system and analyzes information the hackers may have left behind.
  • Lead Software Security Engineer: Leads a team of security engineers to assess risk and develops software to protect data.
  • Security Architect or Cybersecurity Manager: Examines threats and proposes solutions for hardware or software, trains staff on policies, institutes VPNs, firewalls and other security protocols.
  • Penetration Tester: Scans the organization’s network for security vulnerabilities

Florida Tech’s MBA in Cybersecurity

With Florida Tech, you can earn an MBA with a Specialization in Cybersecurity 100% online. Florida Tech is designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Research by the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Learn real-world applications from industry experts as well as your fellow classmates through interactive discussion boards, engaging multimedia course materials and a rigorous curriculum.

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