STEM Skills: FBI’s Most Wanted

From cyber attacks to global terrorism, America’s threats continue to evolve.

Government agencies need skilled professionals to mitigate national security risks and protect the country and its citizens. Professionals with skills and knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) have the experience and knowledge needed to help safeguard America.

“The country’s enemies, be they terrorists, computer hackers, spies, or financial fraudsters, are exploiting the newest technologies at every turn,” Special Agent, FBI Human Resources Division, Avatar Lefevre state in a 2017 FBI article.

As a result, the FBI is aggressively looking for the best and brightest professionals to join their team. Open FBI STEM careers span from software engineering to forensic accounting, according to the FBI’s job opening database.

FBI Recruitment Efforts

The FBI is rolling out several recruitment campaigns to spark interest and compete against private sector positions that may offer higher salaries for STEM positions. According to Lefevre, Bureau personnel are visiting colleges and high schools across the country to recruit the next generation of STEM professionals.

“We want to put FBI on their radar,” he stated. “At the FBI, if you have a computer science degree or some other technical background, you are going to do things you would not likely do anywhere else,” Lefevre said.

STEM Degrees

For those pursuing a STEM discipline, there are many degrees available including computer science, engineering and computer technology. Others include:

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting –  A BA in Accounting provides additional education for a career in financial, managerial and cost accounting, as well as tax planning, auditing and international accounting.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems – A BS in Computer Information Systems focuses on information systems management, database concepts, programming and more.

Master of Science in Information Technology – An MSIT provides specialized business application knowledge in information security management.

FBI Career Opportunities

The skills and knowledge STEM professionals have can be applied to multiple areas of expertise within the FBI, including cybersecurity, computer technology, electronic surveillance and more:

Information Technology Specialist

IT Technology Specialists (ITS) conduct IT technical analysis, assistance and guidance to ensure FBI law enforcement systems are running smoothly, up to date and available for all FBI field offices and domestic and international law enforcement partners.

FBI Special Agent

An FBI Special Agent’s duties and responsibilities vary depending on the type of crime: terrorism, foreign counterintelligence, drug trafficking and more. However, any specialized agents may be responsible for gathering evidence, executing warrants and testifying in federal court. Eligible candidates pursuing this field must hold a bachelor’s degree and fulfill additional requirements in accordance with the FBI’s current recruitment needs. 

Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant develops or assists with various financial investigations by conducting forensic analysis, coordinates all financial aspects of the investigation and utilizing computer applications to interpret financial transactions, record-keeping systems and other corporate and business processes. This career usually requires an accounting degree or similar such as business administration or finance.

Opportunities Nationwide

Other FBI STEM careers include computer scientist, software engineer and telecommunications specialist. Professionals have opportunities to work within several divisions – Cyber, Criminal Justice and Operational Technology – across 56 field offices and at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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