Data Analytics Manager Job Description and Salary

Data analytics have become as central to the operation of most businesses as accounting and human resources. Executives routinely consult reports derived from data for guidance when making strategic decisions.

Those who work in data analytics focus on finding trends within data that can help guide those decisions. A data analytics manager typically oversees a team of such analysts.

While most frequently associated with the competitive world of business, data analytics managers also can work for governments, nonprofits, academic institutions and school systems.

Data Analytics Manager Job Description

Data analytics managers provide direction for a team of data analysts. They also build that team, making hiring decisions and deciding where each analyst’s skills will prove most productive for the organization. They oversee the work of an analytics department, ensuring its accuracy.

They also take the lead on developing processes for effective data analysis and reporting. To do so, they need a combination of data analysis and business skills. Only by understanding both the short-term goals and long-term business strategy of an organization can data analytics managers develop recommendations on how best to put data analytics to use.

In that regard, they must have the ability to produce understandable and actionable reports gleaned from data. Interpreting data and reporting data findings are key roles in the position.

Data analytics managers also keep up on data industry trends and the availability of upgrades to a system, advising organizational leaders when changes need to be made.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Robert Half 2018 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals do not provide specific salary data for a data analytics manager, but according to Robert Half, data analysts in the 50th percentile earned $96,000, while those in the 75th percentile earned $115,000.

Salaries for data analytics managers vary by the type of business, the industry and the many job markets within the United States. It’s wise to conduct independent research into the salaries for specific jobs.

Education Requirements

Most data analytics managers have at least a bachelor’s degree in a field related to data, such as computer science or information technology. Many organizations require that those in leadership roles earn a master’s degree from a regionally accredited university.

Data analytics managers may seek certification in the use of analytics software – it may be mandated by their organization. Years of experience also are required by some employers to attain a management job.

Job Growth

There is an explosion of jobs in the analytics field, and data analytics manager is no exception. The Robert Half Salary Guide reports that over two-thirds of technology executives list Big Data as one of their contributing factors to hiring. In addition, the guide states that business intelligence analysts, data science and database developers, all similar to data analytics manager, are in-demand technology roles for 2018.

According to the BLS, database administrators are expected to grow 11% from 2016 to 2026, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

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