Information Technology Degrees

Information Technology Degrees, 100% Online

As business and technology goals fuse together, demand for professionals with a degree in information technology will increase. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information technology occupations are expected to increase by 13% between 2016 and 2026.

To help meet this demand, Florida Tech offers the following information technology degrees online:

  • AS Computer Information Systems: In our program, you will learn programming languages including Visual Basic, Java and C++ as well how to design, implement, test and analyze the system development cycle. Potential careers include:
    • Web developer
    • Junior program analyst
    • SQL developer
  • BA Business Administration/Computer Information Systems: This degree combines technical knowledge with an overview of business fundamentals. Topics include principles of management and business research skills and applications, as well as CIS-specific courses that cover programming language, systems analysis and database concepts and programming. Potential career opportunities include:
  • BS Computer Information Systems: This program focuses on the technical knowledge and best practices within topics such as Big Data, network systems and cloud computing, with courses covering database concepts, information systems management and more. Potential career opportunities include:
  • MBA Cybersecurity: In our program, you will learn cybersecurity best practices and business principles that combined, will provide you with in-depth knowledge of risk assessment, information security management and security in the enterprise. Career paths for those with an MBA in Cybersecurity include:
  • MBA/Information Technology Management: Our program will explore essential management principles and business knowledge needed to manage emerging IT systems. Courses include strategic management of technology & innovation, global information and database management technology. Career options include:
  • MBA Project Management/Information Technology: This program will help you understand how to apply project management best practices within the IT domain. Courses include project management for information technology, management of software systems and project tools and techniques. Potential career paths include:
  • MS Information Assurance and Cybersecurity: While earning this degree, you will gain expert-level insight and knowledge into key strategies, tools and processes needed to protect and secure data. Courses include secure operating systems, biometric authentication technologies, cryptography and information hiding. Career opportunities for those who hold an MS in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity include:
  • MS Information Technology: This degree will provide the in-depth knowledge needed to manage software systems and implement security strategies. Courses include management of software systems, database systems management, computer systems administration. Potential career paths include:
  • MS Information Technology/Database Administration: In this program, you will learn about business applications as well as gain an in-depth understanding of database administration and management. Courses include advanced management of information systems and database systems management. Career opportunities include:

These online degree programs allow busy students to pursue higher education on their time. They provide students with many benefits such as: no specific login times, on-campus attendance is not required and course accessibility is available 24/7 – all that’s needed is internet access. Florida Tech’s online classroom features chat rooms, streaming videos, discussion boards and virtual office hours.

Information Technology Degrees You Can Take Pride In

A pioneer in the fields of space and technology,Florida Tech is proud to have trained many NASA scientists and astronauts. The university, steeped in tradition and well known for its innovative techniques, is also regionally accredited. This means that students who’ve earned their associate’s degree in computer information systems have received a quality education that will prepare them to pursue their bachelor’s degree. In fact, many computer information systems graduates decide to continue their studies at Florida Tech University Online all the way through their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Join the Many Accomplished Florida Tech Graduates

By earning your degree from Florida Tech, you’ll be in good company with a distinguished group of individuals who have carried the pursuit of excellence way beyond their studies. Among the more than 50,000 alumni include several astronauts, many CEOs of major corporations, Senior Executive Service (SES) members, and nearly two dozen generals including two four-star generals, four three-star generals, nine two-star major generals and three one-star brigadier generals.

Join the fascinating and ever-changing world of information technology. All that’s left for you to do is call a program representative, and get started!

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