First Day of Lean Six Sigma

This is the first piece in a content series, “The 12 Days of Lean Six Sigma,” about applying the tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma to the holiday season. You can read the second piece here.

It’s time to start holiday shopping, and you’re wracking your brain on what to get your father this year. Instead of waiting until the last minute, use a critical-to-quality tree to identify a gift that fulfills exactly what he needs!

What is a Critical-to-Quality Tree?

One of the Lean Six Sigma tools explored in Florida Tech’s Lean Six Sigma programs, a critical-to-quality (CTQ) tree is typically used as a diagram that identifies what is most important to the customer. In our example, the customer is someone we are buying holiday gifts for. There are three components to a CTQ tree:

  • Need: the need is what is critical for this product or service.
  • Driver: the drivers are the factors that must be present to meet the needs of the customer.
  • Requirement: the performance requirements are what is needed to satisfy each driver.

Using a CTQ Tree to Find the Perfect Gift

First, you will find your father’s “need” by considering what he really wants. As an avid golfer, brand new golf equipment can fit his “need.” Next, determine the “drivers” to meet the need of new golf equipment. How can we help him take his game to the next level? Clubs, of course, literally drive his performance. To store those brand new clubs, he’ll need a nice golf bag. We can also get him a golf polo to complement his new equipment. We can use a CTQ tree to identify what is important, or the “requirements” in making our purchases.

A critical-to-quality tree describing the drivers, needs and requirements for new golf equipment.

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