Spotlight on Project Management Instructors

The Avengers. The Justice League. The Spice Girls. All of these supergroups work due to the varied yet equally talented nature of their members.

Wayne Brantley, the lead program designer and primary presenter for Florida Tech’s project management certificate courses, 100% online, has assembled a supergroup of his own in assembling the faculty for the burgeoning program. The instructors are all highly experienced industry experts with various backgrounds, according to Brantley:

“This program is built from the ground up based on the PMBOK® Guide by industry gurus. The classes are instructor-led allowing for direct interaction with real-world practitioners in project management. When you look at the faculty, you will see representation of different industries, authoring key texts in project and program management, close and intimate involvement in the PMBOK® Guide and PMI.”

Gathering such an esteemed group to develop and instruct in these courses provides several benefits.

Real-World Experience

One of the highlights of the Florida Tech project management certificate courses is that industry experts bring their diverse experience to the classroom. Carl Pritchard, a highly regarded author, lecturer, researcher and instructor, conveys his professional and educational experience in the classroom:

“I’ve served project management clients for over a quarter of a century, including Fleet Bank and Southern California Edison (both of whom have since been subsumed by other organizations). My client list includes financial institutions, automotive production, biopharmaceutical development, military, government and educational organizations.”

The instructors range across industries and sectors, bringing real-world knowledge that any participant can find applicable to their position. As Pritchard says:

“The instructors have a staggeringly diverse set of backgrounds, and also have reputations for bringing what some might see as pedantic information to life. We believe in what we do and stand by our offers to ensure that every student experience is backed up by people who care personally about student outcomes.”

Instructional Experts

The instructors not only have experience outside of the classroom – they also have experience in it educating professionals in different corporate and classroom settings. Pritchard, who is “the voice of core project management for the program, leading the charge on Cost, Time and Performance Measurement,” created some of the pioneering e-learning project management experiences back in the 1990’s.

Another one of the instructors is Cyndi Dionisio, an award-winning project management author, consultant and instructor with experience in training for the corporate, public sector and academic environments, with clients including NASA, Veteran’s Affairs, Hewlett Packard, Medtronic, the Central Intelligence Agency and many prestigious universities. Dionisio developed and delivered content for the Mastering PM Concepts and the PM Applications courses.

Brantley, who is an adjunct professor at Florida Tech, has taught and consulted project management, change management, quality management, leadership, curriculum development, internet course development, and return on investment (ROI) around the world to Fortune 500 companies and is an often-requested dynamic and entertaining speaker. He is also a John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer, and coach.

Authors and Researchers

In addition to professional and educational experience, the instructors are also authors of influential project management text. Brantley co-authored “Project Management ROI: A Step-by-Step Guide for Measuring the Impact and ROI for Projects” and was a content contributor to the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition.

Among Dionisio’s long list of publications is A Project Manager’s Book of Forms: A Companion to the PMBOK® Guide for the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Editions of the PMBOK® Guide, A Project Manager’s Book of Tools and Techniques and Microsoft Project for Dummies 2016.

Instructors also come from a research background and stay in touch with the latest trends in the project management field. Pritchard has published articles on project management language, advances in risk management and on the challenges of training on the internet, and he is the U.S. Correspondent for the U.K. project management journal Project Manager Today.

A Strategic Focus on the PMP®

The project management certificate courses primarily focus on knowledge from the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition and preparing students for certifications offered by the Project Management Institute, including the PMP® and the CAPM®.

Why focus on the PMP®? As Dionisio says, “The PMP® is the most widely recognized project management certification in the world. It is often a screening criterion to apply for a new position. It demonstrates a commitment to the profession.”

Pritchard agrees, saying that the advantage of the PMP® is “Above all, recognition. Whenever someone is trying to promote other certifications, they use the PMP® as the benchmark. If you have options on getting a certification, it just makes sense to get the certification that is used as the benchmark.”

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