Elvia Prince, AA in Applied Psychology, Class of 2018

Elvia Prince is graduating with her Associate’s in Applied Psychology, but she has only just begun.

“I am going to continue with Florida Tech to receive my bachelor’s degree. I’m going all the way until I receive my master’s!”

Prince, who works in healthcare and is hoping to transition to a career in therapy, knows that education will help pave the way. We asked her about her experience at Florida Tech and her future plans.

Tell us about your background.

I was born and raised in Daytona Beach on a farm by a single father of four girls. My father never finished grade school and worked very hard to provide for my sisters and me. Education was important to me even though I didn’t have very much support during my childhood.

How did you hear about Florida Tech?

I first heard of Florida Tech searching for a college online. One of the representatives contacted me, and I am so glad they did. Attending Florida Tech ended up being the best choice for me.

What were the most important factors in your decision to choose Florida Tech?

One of the most important factors in my decision to attend Florida Tech was the fact that the graduation rate was high. Also, the representative was knowledgeable, helpful and informative about the academic plan and assured me that I would not complete this process alone. I must say, he was right. I have had help since the first day I signed up in 2014.

How will your Florida Tech degree make a difference in your career?

I currently work in the nursing field as a certified nursing assistant. This degree will take me in a totally different direction. My future plan is to become a marriage therapist as well as a mental health therapist working with children. Continuing my education is a must to complete my goal and dreams.

What surprised you most about taking an online class program?

One thing that surprised me most about taking online classes was the amount of work given. I have spoken to many people who suggested taking online classes is easier than attending regular classes! Not true at all. It is just as hard taking online classes as it is taking regular classes on campus.

What was your most valuable takeaway from the program?

My most valuable takeaway from this program will be that I worked very hard for my degree. Every sleepless night counted and was worth it.

What advice would you give other students who are considering enrolling in the program?

The advice I would share with other students would be that you will get out what you put into it. Do the work assigned and reach out for help if needed. The school has every resource you will need to help you succeed. Take the help, soar and earn your degree.

Who has been your support system?

My support starts with my wonderful husband, Rodney! He’s my rock and hero. He has helped me throughout this process from day one. And for that, I am honored and blessed. Secondly, Florida Tech! The professors, my representative and the support for the school have been amazing. I truly appreciate all the support given.

Did you have a favorite class?

My favorite classes were my writing classes. Writing simply makes me think outside the box.

Did you have a professor that made an impact on you?

All the professors had a great impact on me, teaching me the assignments given and providing help if needed. I was honored to be in their classes. They were all awesome, caring and very helpful.

What was the most challenging part of your student journey?

I must say the most challenging part was the math classes. Math has always been a challenge for me and still is today. However, the amount of help and the resources available through the school helped me out a whole lot.

Who or what inspires you to succeed?

Being a wife, mother of six sons and a grandmother of 16 grandchildren who inspire me daily, I must say the main person who inspired me to succeed is me, myself and I. I owe it to myself to become a better me and chase my dreams. I am my biggest fan! Stopping or giving up is not an option for me. I will succeed until the end.

What is one fun fact about you?

One fun fact about me is that I am a comical person. I simply love making my family laugh with my corny jokes that they find hilarious.

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