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A Florida Tech degree can mean many things: a family promise fulfilled; a diploma to match your job experience; a path to a new career or promotion. Whatever their motivation, our graduates have enjoyed many long-term benefits from their time at Florida Tech, ranked among the best universities in the nation for having a high return on investment (ROI).

In our Where Are They Now? series, we are following up with our grads to see how their Florida Tech degree has changed their lives and inspired them to reach for even greater heights.

Vincent Osborne, BS Computer Information Systems, Class of 2015

After falling victim to a diploma mill, Vincent Osborne turned to Florida Tech for a trustworthy and prestigious education. His degree gave him “the tools and confidence to execute at an even higher level than I did before.” His organization, planning, communication and technological skills were also improved by his undergraduate education. We asked Osborne a few questions to see the effects of his degree several years later.

Q. What are you currently doing professionally?

Currently, I’m continuing to function as the IT Manager for the same insurance company I worked for during my undergraduate program.

Q. How has your Florida Tech degree set you up for success? Did it open doors?

My Florida Tech degree has absolutely played a pivotal role in my continued success, both professionally and personally. While I have not ascended any additional organizational/managerial levels within my company (to be frank, there aren’t any additional levels beyond the Managing Director), it has nonetheless provided me with the validation, qualifications and confidence to pursue even greater levels of academic and personal achievements.

Academically, I’m currently a student at Boston University pursuing a Masters in Computer Information Systems. Professionally, I’ve started two small businesses, one in real estate and another in technology, all the while still maintaining my IT Manager position/duties at my current employer.

Q. What aspects of your time at Florida Tech continue to resonate with you since graduation? For example, of the particular skills or knowledge you gained in your degree program, which have had the greatest impact?

The areas of most profound change that continue to provide rich dividends from my FL Tech education is the level of my professional writing capability, my critical thinking capacity and the dissemination of my education into my job.

Q. Would you recommend Florida Tech to a friend or family member?

Yes, I would. I have already recommended Florida Tech to many friends and family members.

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