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Discover the one and only Florida Tech University Online (Florida Institute of Technology), where academic excellence meets online convenience. We’re proud to be part of a unique family of the nation’s top forward-thinking universities like MIT, Georgia Tech, Caltech and others, known for distinguished faculty, comprehensive curriculum and unyielding innovation. Whatever your field of study, with Florida Tech you can earn an undergraduate or graduate degree, or a For-Credit Graduate Certificate, from a traditional university, 100% online.

Florida Tech is ranked a Tier 1 Best National University by U.S. News & World Report and is also ranked in the top 200 universities in the world by Times Higher Education.  The university is rated as one of the country's best in the Fiske Guide to Colleges, and as a best buy in Barron's Best Buys in College Education.

Explore a Traditional, Nationally-Ranked, Regionally Accredited University

From here you will be able to find the online undergraduate or graduate program that’s right for you – one you can earn conveniently online while you work and play. You can experience a state-of-the-art e-learning virtual classroom and read about Florida Tech’s history of educating the U.S. military, NASA scientists and many of today’s business leaders. You’ll find a nationally recognized, ground-based university that’s regionally accredited. Contact us today and learn more about our online degree and For-Credit Graduate Certificate programs, course curricula, tuition and degree federal student aid options.

Launch Your Career With Exactly the Same Diploma Online as On Campus

With Florida Tech's online degree programs, you'll learn from experienced professionals with advanced degrees. You'll follow the same curriculum content as ground-based students and earn the same diploma. You can even walk in your commencement ceremony alongside your on-campus graduating class.

Revitalize Your Resume With Respected, Career-Building Credentials From Florida Tech

In as little as eight months, you can earn one of Florida Tech’s For-Credit Graduate Certificates. These unique, career-building credentials allow you stand apart from those with only a bachelor’s degree. With Florida Tech's For-Credit Graduate Certificate, you'll take graduate-level courses designed to give you a broader business perspective, along with specialized courses in one of the following disciplines: Healthcare Management, Information Assurance, Information Technology Management,
Internet Marketing or Management. Whether you’re looking to get ahead or get hired, For-Credit Graduate Certificates demonstrate your drive and determination. It’s a great first step toward a better future and a master’s degree – that’s because the credits you earn can be applied to a Florida Tech master's degree program should you decide to pursue one!

Discover the Convenience and Flexibility of Online College Courses

Earn the degree or credential that will open new doors with Florida Tech University Online. Studies show, college graduates not only earn higher salaries in more senior-level positions, but they also have greater career opportunities than non-college graduates. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012 Education Pays report, bachelor’s degree holders earn 65% more per year than those with a high school education based on a national average of earnings. The same source shows graduates with advanced degrees earn significantly more than those with a bachelor’s degree. Because employers also look at ongoing training when deciding whom to hire and promote, completion of a certificate program from a reputable university can also be very beneficial; it demonstrates commitment to your career while providing valuable new skills. You owe it to yourself. Earn your degree or For-Credit Graduate Certificate without interrupting your life with Florida Tech’s online undergraduate and graduate programs.

Online Degree and For-Credit Certificate Programs for Military Servicemembers and Their Spouses

We all know the many rewards a college education and advanced credentials can bring. That’s why Florida Tech is committed to offering flexible, convenient and affordable undergraduate and graduate programs 100% online to the men and women who serve our country. Whether your interest is to advance through the ranks or prepare for a successful civilian career, you can earn a degree or For-Credit Graduate Certificate online while keeping up with the tough demands of military life. Plus, both servicemembers and their spouses can benefit from Florida Tech’s special military tuition assistance and military tuition pricing.

Learn about Florida Tech’s distinctions, alumni, faculty and accreditation.

If you would like to experience your education as an on-campus student, visit the Florida Institute of Technology website at FIT.edu.