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The study of the mind and human behavior is at the core of a number of professional fields, such as child advocacy, forensics, mental health, social work, substance abuse and organizational leadership. An education in psychology can provide a path to a variety of careers, from mental health technician to clinical psychologist to childcare worker.

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Top Hiring Companies of 2015*

The Mentor Network
23075 jobs posted
Department of Veterans Affairs
9996 jobs posted
6584 jobs posted
NHS Human Services
5967 jobs posted
Catholic Charities
5638 jobs posted

Projected Total Jobs by 2024**


Sources: *CEB TalentNeuron™ and **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Information provided is not intended to represent a complete list of hiring companies or job titles, and degree program options do not guarantee career or salary outcomes. Students should conduct independent research for specific employment information.