9 Growing Jobs That Require a Bachelor’s Degree

Opportunities abound for jobs that require a bachelor’s degree, particularly in areas seeing growth. Here, we examine nine jobs projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)* to experience demand, all of which require a bachelor’s degree.

Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Expected to grow at a rate of 23% over the next decade, market research analysts are in high demand as nearly every industry leans on market research to understand market conditions and assess potential sales opportunities. Market research analysts also strive to understand the products consumers want, who will buy them and what the right price is. Median pay for market research analysts is $63,230 per year, according to the BLS.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a Specialization in Marketing, you’ll be equipped to understand both marketing and business topics.

Accountants and Auditors

Accountants and auditors are responsible for reviewing financial operations and ensuring they run efficiently. This includes preparing and assessing financial records, correcting them for accuracy as necessary, and overseeing timely and correct tax payments. This job is expected to grow at a rate higher than average, with an estimated 10% growth over the next decade, according to the BLS. Median pay for accountants and auditors is $69,350 per year.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting establishes a foundation for certifications, including certified public accounting (CPA) or certified management accountant (CMA). Courses cover accounting standards, principles of auditing and other career-specialized courses.

Loan Officers

Loan officers work in a variety of institutions, including commercial banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, and other financial institutions. They are responsible for evaluating loan applications from people or businesses and authorizing or recommending approvals. With a growing economy, jobs are expected to grow faster than average, with 11% increase over the next decade. One trend that could temper growth is declining bank branches, according to the BLS. The median pay is $64,660 per year.

A Bachelor of Arts in Accounting includes career-focused skills like maintaining accounting standards and auditing principles and procedures and creates a foundation for pursuing a CPA or CMA.

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts advise businesses or individuals on investments decisions, and assess investment performance. Demand for financial analysts is expected to grow with the increasing array of financial products on the market and deepening need to geographic expertise, with an anticipated 11% growth in the next decade. The BLS reports the median income for financial analysts is $84,300 per year.

To pursue a career as a financial analyst, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, which focuses on accounting information systems and standards, and paves the way for professional certifications like CMA or CPA. For additional specialization and opportunity, candidates can earn a Master of Business Administration with a Specialization in Finance.

Personal Financial Advisors

Personal financial advisors assist individuals in managing their finances by advising on a range of financial areas, including insurance, mortgages, college savings, investments, taxes and estate planning. A growing population and increased life expectancy are thought to drive demand for financial planning, and the BLS anticipates this trend will spur 15% growth in this field.

To launch a career as a personal financial advisor, a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting provides a solid foundation, both for the field and for professional credentials including CPA or CMA. Additional career growth may require a Master of Business Administration with a Specialization in Finance to expand on core business principles and financial practice and theory.

Computer Systems Analysts

A computer systems analysts, or network architect blends business and information technology (IT), assessing computer systems and procedures at an organization and designing solutions to improve operations. An evolving IT landscape, including cloud computing adoption and expanding IT service in large sectors like healthcare are expected to spur growth, at an anticipated 9%, according to the BLS. Median annual pay for computer systems analysts is $88,270.

Given the blend of IT and business, aspiring computer systems analysts can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems to hone technical knowledge coupled with decision analysis, probability, and risk taking.

Management Analysts

Management analysts, also known as management consultants, analyze organizations and partner with managers to improve efficiency and profitability at an organization. This role includes heavy travel to meet with clients. As organizations increasingly focus on driving efficiency and reducing costs, demand for management analysts is expected to grow rapidly, at a 14% rate by 2026, according to the BLS. Median annual salary is $82,450 for management analysts.

Prepare for an entry-level position with a Bachelor of Arts in Management for expertise in the fundamentals of business and leadership. For advancement or competition, management analysts can pursue an MBA with a Specialization in Management to expand on leadership theory, corporate ventures, and core business principles.

Financial Managers

Financial managers oversee an organization’s financial health. This role isn’t restricted to banks and insurance companies, although financial managers do work in both industries. They develop financial reports, establish strategies for the organization’s long-term financial goals, and direct investment activities. According to the BLS, demand is expected to skyrocket, with 19% expected growth, particularly as demand spikes for risk management and cash management. The median salary for financial managers is $125,080.

While most financial managers gain experience in other roles first, like accounting, auditing or as a financial analyst, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Specialization in Accounting establishes a liberal arts foundation with business administration and accounting emphasis. In addition, you can increase your competitive edge and opportunities with a Master of Business Administration with a Specialization in Finance to build on financial practices and theories.

Medical and Health Services Managers

Medical and health services managers, also known as healthcare administrators or healthcare executives, work in the offices of healthcare facilities to oversee the medical and health services offered. This oversight can range from an entire facility to a specific department or area, or a medical practice. Medical and health services managers facilitate changes stemming from healthcare law and regulation, as well as technological advancement. As baby boomers age, healthcare services demand is expected to spike. Along with it, medical and health services manager jobs are expected to grow by an explosive 20% by 2026, the BLS reports.

A Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Specialization in Healthcare Management establishes business principles coupled with healthcare management perspectives. While a bachelor’s degree is required for the field, many professionals hold a master’s degree. To remain competitive, earning a Master of Business Administration with a Specialization in Healthcare Management examines information management with a medical perspective, including healthcare policies and legal responsibilities.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Career Outlook, Employment outlook for bachelor’s level occupations, on the Internet at (visited November 6, 2018). National long-term projections may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions, and do not guarantee actual job growth. Information provided is not intended to represent a complete list of hiring companies or job titles, and program options do not guarantee career or salary outcomes. Students should conduct independent research for specific employment information.

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