Recruitment Coordinator Careers and Salary Information

Recruitment Coordinator Careers and Salary Information

Attracting and hiring qualified employees is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Recruitment coordinators search for, screen and interview employment candidates, and extend job offers on their employer’s behalf. Adding a human resources (HR) administration minor to a bachelor’s degree program can help individuals gain the human resources knowledge needed for a career as a recruitment coordinator.

Job Outlook for Recruitment Coordinators

Employment of human resources specialists – a category of professionals that can include recruitment coordinators – is expected to grow steadily through 2024, according to projections by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). There will be variations in job growth based on the specific industry or specialty. Demand is likely to be driven, in part, by the retirement of baby boomers, which will result in companies recruiting replacement workers.

The BLS reports that candidates with a bachelor’s degree can expect to have stronger employment prospects.

Job Duties

A recruitment coordinator works closely with job candidates, external recruiters, headhunters and other human resources professionals in support of a business’ hiring needs. They typically manage the flow of candidates thorough the recruitment process, from scheduling interviews to bringing new employees on board.

These human resources specialists may also conduct testing, screening and preliminary interviewing of potential employees. Often, recruitment coordinators arrange travel for job candidates and act as a liaison between the company and the candidate.

Representing their employers at job fairs, recruiting events and open houses is another responsibility of recruitment coordinators. They may prepare information packets and gather qualified job seekers’ contact information. Many are required to use specialized software to track applicants.

Recruitment coordinators often participate in HR department meetings and assist in writing job postings and employment ads. Some serve as backup to a corporate recruiter. These specialists may also interact with department heads, and other managers and staff to coordinate the recruitment and hiring of new employees.

Recruitment Coordinator Salary Potential

According to U.S. Department of Labor statistics, the average annual salary for human resources specialists was $64,890 as of May 2016. Salaries for the top 10% of earners exceeded $101,420. Recent bachelor’s graduates generally start out toward the lower end of the range and can increase their salary with additional experience and qualifications.

Local market conditions, along with a candidate’s level of educational attainment and employment history are factors in determining potential salary ranges.

Education and Training

Many employers seek to hire recruitment coordinators with a bachelor’s degree. Some prefer candidates with specialized knowledge in a particular industry, while others favor applicants with a business or interdisciplinary background and a strong human resources foundation. Certification as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR®), Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR®) or Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR®) can also provide an advantage.

A career as a recruitment coordinator can begin by earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration, organizational psychology or another relevant field, along with a minor in human resources administration. HR courses typically cover such topics as selection and placement, training and development, and management of human resources.

A human resources administration program should prepare graduates to:

  • Demonstrate effective business and leadership skills
  • Identify which applicants are best suited for specific job roles and have the greatest potential for success
  • Apply proven strategies for attracting, assessing and acquiring personnel
  • Attain respected industry certification

Embarking on the Path to a Recruitment Coordinator Career

Employers across industries need recruitment coordinators who will make a positive impact on their organization. If you are a good judge of character and have strong problem-solving and interpersonal skills, then a recruitment coordinator career could be an excellent choice. By earning a bachelor’s degree with a minor in HR Administration, you could be better positioned for advancement in the field of human resources.


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