Landing the Top IT Management Jobs

Even though the economy is rebounding, it can still be tough to get a job. The good news is that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the main areas of growth is in IT management jobs. In fact, more than two million new information technology-related jobs are expected to be created by 2018!

Where the IT Management Jobs Are

Opportunities for top IT management careers include computer-network administrators, data-communications analysts and Web developers, as well as in data-loss prevention, online security and risk management.

A specialized MSIT degree or MBA IT degree is essential to landing the best information technology jobs. Today’s busy IT students and professionals are searching for online master’s degrees which provide students with the educational skills required to compete for the top IT management jobs. Florida Tech, a nationally-ranked accredited university, offers both an MS Information Technology with specializations in Database Administration and Enterprise Resource Planning and an MBA Information Technology degree program – 100% online.

Mastering the IT Management Job Search

Just like everything else, the rules have changed when it comes to the job search. To succeed, you need to reach beyond the tried-and-true job hunting sites like and and find new job opportunity pipelines. Here are four suggestions on how to search for and land the top IT management jobs.

  • Participate in information technology industry and management groups on LinkedIn.
    By actively joining the conversation, sharing information and posing questions, you position yourself as a knowledgeable, friendly, proactive contributor – someone anyone would want to hire. You can let members know about your search and ask for suggestions on where the best places are to find top information technology jobs.

  • Activate your networks.
    This means social networks and the more traditional face-to-face ones. Think “six degrees of separation” which proposes that everyone is at most six steps away from another person. So tell your neighbors, your relatives, your mechanic, your old college roommates and former work colleagues that you’re looking to find an IT management job. The one-on-one connections – along with the direct referrals and recommendations you make via networking – give you the advantage!

    A word of caution: Today’s employers and recruiters are not only looking at your resume, but also at your LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages before they make an interview request or a hiring decision. In addition to your sites, they can often view those of your friends who may have posted photos and comments that an employer may find questionable. So do a little cyber clean-up before you send out a résumé to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward on the Web.

  • Get hunted.
    Do an online search of the top IT management executive search firms for a list of industry recruiters in your area. You can search these sites for open positions or you can also send a polite letter of introduction outlining your qualifications, skills and IT management job specifics.

    If you don’t hear anything, it’s okay to briefly follow up a week or two later. However, don’t turn a potential friend into an enemy by bombarding the recruiter with phone calls and emails. If he or she thinks you’re suitable for a position, you’ll be the first to know.

  • Be entrepreneurial.
    Don’t wait for employers to come to you offering the best information technology jobs – take matters into your own hands! Research information technology salary outlook, industry trends, read press releases, study local and national papers and trade publications to uncover where there might be a need for your IT management skills. Has an organization had a layoff or are they in hiring mode? Is a company just launching a new product or perhaps acquired a competitor? All this data can be mined to uncover potential IT jobs.

  • Consider IT management contract work.
    Companies like Kelly IT Resources specialize in connecting IT professionals with short- and long-term IT management positions.

To Your IT Management Job Success!

No one said snagging a top IT management job was going to be easy. But armed with these five job search tactics, you can improve your chances of success. Good luck!

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