6 Reasons to Earn Your Degree in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is facing a critical talent shortage. That means a field with career opportunities, inciting many to look into this prosperous career. Earning your degree in supply chain management can help you break into this exciting field.

A Growing Field

Supply chain management remains critical to keep businesses running and growing in the global market, being a key competitor differentiator. According to LinkedIn’s September 2018 Workforce Report, transportation and logistics is one of the industries with the biggest year-over-year salary increases, at 13%. In fact, there are currently 1,270 supply chain management job openings available and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that there will be 7% job growth between 2016 and 2026.

High Earning Potential

Supply chain careers have the potential for high earnings. The BLS cites the average annual pay at $78,740 for logisticians and $100,740 for transportation, storage and distribution managers. The industry outlook is healthy enough for 90% of respondents to an APICS Salary Survey to report that they had received a 3% increase in their salary in 2017, with many new hires starting out with a higher pay than established managers. Because salary potential and employment opportunities may vary depending on factors such as a candidate’s education and experience, as well as regional market conditions, prospective students are encouraged to conduct independent research.

Variety of Positions and Specializations

In such a vast field, there are several kinds of positions available all around the world, so there’s bound to be an appealing option for everyone in this flexible field. According to SCM talent, there is a myriad of positions across shipping organizations, service providers and functions. There are opportunities to work in any aspect of the supply chain process for large corporations, small family-owned businesses, not-for-profits, and the government.

Advancement Opportunities

The possibilities are endless when you have the education and skills to work up the supply chain ladder. There are management positions for a variety of sub-sectors that all work to ensure accurate and efficient handling throughout the entire supply chain, such as Supply Chain Analyst, Supply Chain Manager, Customer Service Manager, Fulfillment Supervisor, International Logistics Manager and Transportation Manager.

Job Satisfaction

In such a large industry with as many options as this one, job satisfaction can be high as it gives its employees opportunities for reward, growth, networking and empowerment. Supply Chain Management ranks #18 on Glassdoor’s list of Best Jobs in America. Additionally, 96% of respondents to a 2018 survey stated they had high job satisfaction, citing dynamic and fulfilling work made for a long-term career choice; indeed, most respondents indicated that they were happy and likely to stay in the field.

Supply Chain = Competitive Advantage

As the business world becomes increasingly globalized, supply chain management has become a significant competitive advantage for organizations on the ground and in the boardroom. The knowledge and skills required for supply chain management are applicable in several alternate positions outside of the industry, making you a valuable resource in many positions.

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