Supply Chain Management Careers for Veterans

For servicemembers finishing out their military career, it can be daunting to decide to further your education, enter the civilian workforce, or do both.

Many are concerned any skills acquired from years of military service may not transfer into a career in the private sector, while others fear the return to school may be too intimidating to attempt.

Despite the concerns that may arise during your consideration, there are career opportunities for veterans to capitalize on the fundamentals developed in a mission-driven atmosphere by applying them to a supply chain management function.

From transporting, tracking and delivering goods, ammunition, vehicles and life-saving equipment, servicemembers understand the importance of getting the appropriate materials to the right people at the right time. As a result, on-the-ground experience has increased decision-making capabilities, adaptability and leadership skills – all abilities suitable for supply chain management.

Veterans have the experience needed for demanding positions that may require making quick decisions on the spot if necessary, overcoming pain points to meet mission goals and streamlining processes to get things done, qualities Fortune 1,000 companies and other organizations find very attractive.

Advancing your education with an MS in Supply Chain Management can open doors to pursue a career path in operations management, according to G.I. Jobs and U.S. News & World Report.

Supply Chain Management Career Paths for Veterans

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 150,000 logistician jobs that need to be filled by 2024.

Logistician and Supply Chain Manager is one of the hottest jobs for veterans, coming in at No. 3 on G.I. Jobs’ 2016 Top 25 Hot Jobs for Veterans list. Logisticians earned an average salary of $77,470 in May 2015 according to the BLS. A related position is operations and facilities manager, which was No. 6 on the G.I. Jobs list. The average annual salary is listed at $119,460 (BLS).

While job duties vary depending on the company and industry, organizations such as 7-Eleven, Hilton Worldwide, Caterpillar, Deloitte, General Electric, The Home Depot, Walmart and Hertz Equipment Rental hire people able to increase efficiency from hiring employees, balancing budgets, coordinating the movement and storage of goods and negotiating contracts.

Related careers in this field include business operations specialist, operations manager, logistics manager, inventory control manager, production manager. Additional career options can be found in technical services, engineering, IT, human resources or loss prevention.

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