Barb Rodriguez, MBA in Marketing, Class of 2019

Barb Rodriguez was familiar with the balancing act of earning a degree while working before she decided to further her education.

The 2019 graduate, who does trapeze as a hobby with her husband, decided to go back to school right after he earned his degree. With the experience fresh in both of their minds, he was able to help her since he knew what she was going through.

To juggle work and school, Rodriguez knew she wanted a degree that would be online and flexible. But, she was also looking for a program that would contribute to her personal and professional growth. She found that with Florida Tech’s MBA in Marketing program.

“There are very few schools that will provide a curriculum that will benefit your career growth along with the flexibility of getting an education online. I recommend Florida Tech to be part of your career growth and personal achievement.”

Rodriguez plans on using what she learned to further her professional growth and personal development. We spoke with her about her experience in the classroom, her favorite course and more.

Q. What were the most important factors in your decision to choose Florida Tech?

I always knew I wanted to earn my MBA online since I was already working a full-time position. I wanted to make sure the school I chose was flexible in online learning. The flexibility was one of the major factors, but the institution’s reputation and the program that was being provided were also important. Florida Tech aligned with the factors I was looking for in an online school.

Q. Do you have any future plans with your degree?

I am a senior procurement officer with over four years of experience. I truly enjoy vendor relations, contract development and procurement processing, as well as developing opportunities and strategies through vendor relations. I would like to continue with this development through research in product purchasing, financial integration and risk management in processing purchases. I want to keep growing within my workplace and on a personal level. The more I learn, the more I can achieve.

Q. What surprised you most about taking an online program?

I was able to balance a full-time job and school. The program was tough but very rewarding.

Q. What was your favorite class and why?

International Business was my favorite class. I gained experience in product development and sales with another country as part of a group project. This experience was a great learning achievement that goes through international business and processing.

Q. Who has been your support system?

My husband had just recently graduated with his undergraduate degree, and a year later, I got accepted to pursue my MBA. He has been my support through this process since he was fresh out of school and knew exactly what I was going through. Through the stress of homework, group projects and solo projects, he made sure to give me the support I needed and the reassurance.

Q. What is one fun fact about you?

My husband and I do trapeze for fun and exercise. There aren’t many people who know that we do this as a hobby and that we truly enjoy it. I also do long-distance cycling whenever I can for charity events, and I enjoy photography.

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