Where Are They Now? Jody Thrash

A Florida Tech degree can mean many things: a family promise fulfilled; a diploma to match your job experience; a path to a new career or promotion. Whatever their motivation, our graduates have enjoyed many long-term benefits from their time at Florida Tech, ranked among the best universities in the nation for having a high return on investment (ROI).

In our Where Are They Now? series, we are following up with our grads to see how their Florida Tech degree has changed their lives and inspired them to reach for even greater heights.

Jody Thrash, MBA Project Management, Class of 2015

“My degree from FIT definitely opened doors!” says the Education & Research Program Administrator.

Q. What are you currently doing professionally?

I have my dream job! My current title is Education & Research Program Administrator. I work for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine: a national nonprofit that impacts reproductive care worldwide. I build the content, speakers and courses in the annual Scientific Congress meeting that ASRM hosts once a year. I work with an amazingly talented team in the Education and Research division of ASRM along with scientists, doctors and affiliated professionals to build an accredited program that advances reproductive medicine to build healthy families (it’s a lot like herding kittens).

Q. How has your Florida Tech degree set you up for success? Did it open doors?

I would definitely not hold the position I am currently in without my degree. Almost everyone at ASRM has an advanced degree. Managing my degree while working full-time, along with my many project management classes, prepared me for this high-expectations pace as well. Without my MBA from FIT, this position would not have been open to me. So yes, my degree from FIT definitely opened doors!

Q. What aspects of your time at Florida Tech continue to resonate with you since graduation?

The challenge of being organized-learning to manage my personal time between my student schedule, work and kids-really paid off for me. I have continued to build on that organization in all aspects of my life and career. I think being a successful student and accomplishing my goals by attaining my degree provided an extra boost to my confidence. It was also a great mental exercise for me as a professional. More than anything, I carry that confidence with me now, and suspect I always will.

Q. Do you keep in touch with any of your professors or classmates?

I think I have one professor as a contact on LinkedIn, and am part of the Alumni group there and another social media site.

Q. Are you a member of the alumni association? If so, have you participated in alumni events?

Yes, I am a member. I have not yet participated in alumni events, though I hope to in the future.

Q. Would you recommend Florida Tech to a friend or family member?

Absolutely. Florida Tech was a great experience.

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